In the rush to the colorful light disease tiger under the impact of the three Knights of the shield,louis vuitton outlet store online in an instant the already dilapidated, huge impact not only will they repel more than 20 meters, will also be on their bodies,ralph lauren australia the tattered black armor tearing them apart, as was exposed rock hard, vertical and horizontal scar body.louis vuitton outlet The light tiger roaring, finally in a helpless tiger roaring sound, into streamer dissipation. When the three Knights down unbearable use shields,toms outlet their body armor has been turned into fly ash, face Qiqiao also out of deep red blood. Apparently by hit. However, they are as if nothing is general, just silently stood there, glaring eyes, staring to the hillside. Sound like thunder.
But in the white dress woman reaches the shore hill at the same time, a winding fracture, but suddenly covered river.louis vuitton outlet The earth quaked, ice like undulating waves, patches of fragmentation. Below the turbulent waves, issued to deafen the ear with its roar roar, billowing from the cracks in the.ralph lauren australia The waves break the ice, ice folder wrapped in a piece of, to the lower reaches of the river rushing away, be a trend which cannot be halted! The girl in white looked up, to the other side wild snow to see. The howling winds, heavy snow in the distance volume,toms outlet forming a white curtain. Blot out the sun. However, after a few moments, the raging storm, is an invisible force swung open.louis vuitton outlet store online A look not clear face of the red man, slowly come. A bright red robe, in between heaven and earth especially dazzling white.
Seeing the anterior sever, a black knight suddenly dismounted,toms outlet will be in the hands of the sword on the ground, the hands hold sword, single leg kneel in the woman in white body before.louis vuitton outlet store online Saw this black knight moves, the opposite hill pursuers riding array, suddenly a commotion. From behind the noisy, did not affect the black knight. He is low head,ralph lauren australia seemed to be saying something. After him, several other black knight,louis vuitton outlet in the same posture kneeling down. The three knight, even the first lost his horse, is no exception. At this moment, whether it is to drink red snow man waved back, or behind the hill eyeing the pursuers, seem to have no in this seven black knight's eyes.
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